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About Me

I'm a camera-toting, crazy horse girl, and a Texas native. I love anything with four legs and fur. My fiancé and I currently have three horses, two dogs, a cat and numerous chickens! I grew up the only horse lover in my family. My grandpa had a horse when I was little, and I can recall him leading me around the pond on her bareback. Once I was older, I realized that I didn't have any tangible memories of that quality time and passion for horses we shared. It's not something that can be recreated. I once again realized how important pictures were when I unexpectedly lost my mom in 2012. I hardly had any pictures of she and I together. I felt really sad that I wasn't able to visually show the amazing bond that we had and that wasn't something I wanted anyone else to ever feel. It doesn't matter if it's your horse, your dog, your family, or your fiancé, if you want to document that relationship with colorful, vibrant photos, I'm here for you!

Around the Farm

I met my heart horse, Jimmers Old Gold aka "Princess" in 2004. I showed that grey mare all over, in every event you could think of. She's #1 on the farm and worth her weight in gold. After I graduated high school, she became my first drill team mount. She has since then retired to a lesson and trail horse and is fixing to celebrate her 25th birthday.


My little sorrel horse, Silky Rose Cowgirl aka "Cowgirl" is the sassy spitfire. She has such a big personality and has the mare stare down to a T. I got her in 2009. She didn't know much at the time and would fight me when asked to do things such as walk over a tarp or through a creek, but over the years she became a reliable mount. She is also retired to trail riding at the age of 18. 


I'd love to get to know you!

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