Rachael Watts Photography

Rachael Watts, girl holding camera, Canon

About Me

My fascination started in 8th grade after taking a photography course where we were taught all about the history of photography, the creation of emulsion paper, building our own camera out of a coffee can, to developing our own photographs in a dark room. That fascination coupled with my immense love for animals has brought me to where I am today. Pet & Equine photography are my specialty and true calling. 

Around the Farm

I met my heart horse, Jimmers Old Gold aka "Princess" in 2004. I showed that grey mare all over, in every event you could think of. We've covered countless miles of trails. She's #1 on the farm and worth her weight in gold. After I graduated high school, she became my first drill team mount. She has since then retired to a lesson and trail horse and just celebrated her 25th birthday.


My little sorrel horse, Silky Rose Cowgirl aka "Cowgirl" is the sassy spitfire. She has such a big personality and has the mare stare down to a T. I got her in 2009. She didn't know much at the time and would fight me when asked to do things such as walk over a tarp or through a creek, once I gained her trust, she became a sure-footed and reliable mount. She is also retired to trail riding at the age of 18. 


I'd love to get to know you!

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