Rachael Watts, girl holding camera, Canon

I'm Rachael 

I'm just a camera-toting, crazy horse girl! I was born and raised in Greenville, Texas. I love anything with four legs and fur. I currently have two horses, a dog, a cat and eight chickens!

girl and horse, show horse, showmanship, first place
girl riding horse, jumping horse, horseback riding
girl riding horse carrying American flag

I grew up showing Quarter Horses in 4H and local open shows. I have experience in both english and western riding. I have spent countless hours observing horses and their behavior and know what to look for to make yours look it's best, no matter what discipline. I'm also a small animal veterinary technician. I have a lot of experience working with animals, and a lot of patience! 

For me, photography is not just "taking pictures." It is SO much more than that. Pictures are often times all you have left of a certain memory, or the only connection you have to the past. My goal for every single session is to give people beautiful memories that they can look back on for years to come. 

a girl and horse horse, horse and rider, white horse

^ Photo by Max Neivdant

a girl and her horse, horse and rider

^ Photo by Richard Martinez