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Our pets are like family. If you've been blessed enough to have pets in your life, you know how loving and quirky they are. Document their personality and your bond with a customized portrait session and conversation-worthy home decor. These are typically done on location outdoors, but I do have a mobile studio if you are wanting more modern types of portraits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to schedule a session but am uncomfortable letting my dog off leash? What are your suggestions?
A: Not a problem at all! Your pet's safety is my priority. I have a special leash that is very sturdy (it's actually a handmade horse halter for photography), long enough to give them some freedom to run but is small enough to edit out of the pictures easily. 

Q: My dog doesn't know sit/stay or is really anxious. Would we still be able to get good pictures?
A: Yes! My goal is to portray your pet as they truly are and the way you see them every day. If they don't know sit/stay or have so much energy they couldn't possibly be still, that's perfectly ok, because that's who they are. We will embrace it and have fun!

Q: How many pets can I include in my session? 
A: All of the dogs & cats in your household can be included. 

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Have questions?
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Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

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