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Rockwall High School Senior Equestrian Photoshoot

Laynie, Class of 2023 pictured here with Ronan.

Senior photography is so much fun for me... probably because I still consider myself an adult kid. Young at heart with an old soul. I can usually see when they are a little nervous, not knowing what to do with their hands, how to stand or even where to look. I try to visually show them what I want them to do or where I want them to stand and then just let things flow from there.

I LOVE showing seniors some of the pictures I'm getting during the shoot. I can literally see their eyes light up and their spirits seems to lift when they realize "ok, this isn't so bad" or "I don't look as dumb as I thought." I want everyone to have fun and feel not only relaxed but confident during our session.

I always include images of the grads by themselves, and I am obsessed with these last two pics. The sun coming through the trees, the lighting, I just love them so much.

If you're looking for an equine photographer or a senior photographer in Texas, I would love to be considered.

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