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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Rachael, a professional equine photographer in Greenville, Texas, and if you don't already know, I love anything with four legs and fur (or feathers). My husband and I currently have four horses, two dogs, a cat, numerous chickens and a pig! 
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I grew up the only horse lover in my family. My grandpa had a horse when I was little, but back then it was more common for families to have horses; they weren't as much of a luxury that they are today. I can recall him leading me around the pond on his mare, Mitzy, bareback. Once I was older, thinking back to those memories, I realized that I didn't have any photos at all of that quality time and passion for horses I shared with my grandpa, who passed in 2008. It's not something that can be recreated, and I gained a whole new perspective on photographs and how much they can mean to someone.

A few short years later, I once again realized how important and priceless quality photographs are when we unexpectedly lost my mom in 2012. The only photos I had of her and I together were either from a disposable camera or a cell phone picture, and those that I did have were few. It weighed heavily on my heart for years that I wasn't able to visually see and show others the amazing bond that I had with my mom. That wasn't something I wanted anyone else to ever feel, if I could help prevent it. It doesn't matter if it's your horse, your dog, your family, or your fiancé, let's document that relationship or special time in your life with colorful, vibrant photos to be displayed in your home.

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