October 2, 2023

Yellowstone National Park 2022

For our honeymoon, my husband, JJ, surprised me with a trip to Yellowstone National Park! We had a whole week, so we drove there, stopped a couple places along the way to rest, and had about four days to explore before making the drive back home. These are some of my favorite pictures I took while there.

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Where we stayed:

Two Top Trading Home page - Two Top Trading | Island Park Idaho – Cabin Rentals and More!

Island Park, Idaho. Cute little cabins 20 minutes from the West entrance of YNP. My favorite part was definitely the hot tub!

After entering the park and making a short drive, the first thing that I was awestruck by was Madison River. Being from Texas, we don't have rivers and streams like that. I think what intrigued me was that it was so shallow, yet wide. Everything back home dries up, no matter how deep it is, so it was really cool to see, especially with the clear water.

The first signs of wildlife we saw were the buffalo. We also saw a single black bear from a far distance, two brown bears eating on the side of a hill, two eagles with their nest almost directly above the brown bears, and plenty of elk. We also saw either a wolf or coyote but we were driving and it didn't stay still long enough for a picture. We saw the amazing colors and textures of the Grand Prismatic Spring. We got to sit and watch Old Faithful erupt. Saw the vast openness of Haydens and Lamar valley's. Saw Gibbons Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Most of what we saw was from the truck or a short walk away, we didn't do a whole lot of hiking, despite being equipped with bear spray. I really wish we could go again when there weren't so many people, and I'd like to have a stricter schedule as far as getting to the park early enough to capture some sunrise images. We were in vacation mode, so we didn't set alarms and never got into a big hurry to get anywhere.

What gear did I use?

My camera body is a Canon 5D Mark IV. I actually rented a lens for this trip, because I hadn't purchased my 150-600mm yet. I always rent my gear from borrowlenses.com and got my hands on a Canon 100-400mm. I also took along my 24-70mm knowing that I would need it for some of the wider angle landscape shots.

The amount of space out here...

We are already planning on going back in 2025!

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